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I Get Chu : Intro to – Ella’s Advice

Heyyyy! It’s mwaaaa – Ellaaaa!

Welcome Back Legends!🤘🏻💫

Yes! I am no longer Ellie…it’s Ella! Sorry for the confusion honey 🍯 😂 Some of you would’ve been happily scrolling through your wordpress reader when you stumbled across my post and saw the big powerful letters ‘ELLA’. *confused look* You quickly checked back at the site name and saw ‘ELLIE’ *huh?*

So yaaaa, I am doing a big blog renovation to change my name and everything but it’s tough work, mate! I tell ya! 😅

Anyway *divides page from chit chat to real talk* todays post is just a little intro to a new series that I have had in the back of my mind and today…was the day! (It really is a big day – Name Reveal aaaaand a new Series!) 💐

This series is called…

‘I Get Chu : Ella’s Advice’

And it’s all about me, and all my experience I’ve had through life – so far!

This is a place where you legends – yes, that’s YOU – can ask me for any advice on a problem that you have (or whatevs you feel like getting off your shoulders – trust me, feels so good) and I will put myself in your shoes to guide you through your dilemma.

I will post on my blog (when I get a new entry or two) and display your problems anonymously (or not if you don’t want) and write what I would do and some tips for you to help you deal! 😎 This way, others reading with a similar problemo can learn too!

So why should you ask ME for advice?

I know I only seem like a 14 year old (soon to be 15 😢) and what in the world do I know about? But really, it might surprise you but I do know a lot and I’ve had to learn some pretty harsh life lessons – which I will share with you later. 😉

I’ve dealt with silly people, thoughtless comments, teasing, exclusion and all the other tough challenges life throws at you (in form of a scooter right to the ankle) 🛴 and I’ve learnt how to not let little weak things in life get to me by focusing on the positives in life – family, friends and chocolate Tim-Tams! *ooh Tim-Tam SLAM!* 🤤

Hey, I’m just a teen like you and we go through similar things – dealing with idiots 😆(yeah baby there are a LOT of those around) having to stickup for yourself and others, trying to fit in at highschool and especially learning to deal with these things. Which is by far the hardest of all – but there is always a solution. ALWAYS.

LIFE’S HARD not gonna lie and sometimes we need to talk about tricky situations to get through them easier. And remember there ARE always people supporting you!

So if you wanna chat teen to teen with me about yo problems, you can email me here : ellie.blog136@gmail.com or you can head over to my contact page and write me a lil’message!

And don’t worry, if you wanna keep this just between us its all good 👍🏼

ThankYOU so much for reading about my new series and get emailing and contacting me! I am absolutely so excited to help and chat with you alland I can’t wait!

If you missed my last post, click here to have a lil’ read (it’s a goodie!) and remember to follow for an upcoming giveaway…

Ok, byeeeeeeee

Your mate, Ella xxx 💕


27 thoughts on “I Get Chu : Intro to – Ella’s Advice”

  1. I hadn’t read this before Ella! I was reading your latest post, when I clicked this post’s link! It’s such a great idea! I think every teen has to go through something in high school all the time! Are you going to give advice all the time or is it just for a short period ? I know that was a funny question, but I may need advice later, so I asked! Anyways, I do want advice for something so I will send an email soon!! ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Apoorva! So good to hear from you again! Omg I’m so happy you found this post and I’m glad you like it! 🌻 yes, I will be doing it forever I guess! It’s just to help lots of teens and young adults like you said yeah! It would be lovely to hear an email from you and I would love to help! 💕💫
      Ella xx 😘


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