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Galaxy June Bujo Setup

Heyyyy! It’s mwaaa – Ellaaaa! 💛💓

Today I am finally doing my June Bullet Journal Setup! I’ve just been SUPER BUSY setting up my new self-hosted site (80’s style!). At one point all of you guys were transferred back to my old WordPress.com website but that’s all sorted now aha 😉

For this month’s theme I decided to go with a Galaxy and space look. I have known what I wanted June to be since the start of this year as it is my birthday month and SPACE is my favourite! So if you want to see some cool space-y drawings and doodles, then keep on scrolling! 😇

Title Page

This is what my title page looks like. It is inspired by AmandaRachLee (who is probably my favourite bujo youtuber) but I tweaked it so that it has the Gemini constellation (as that is my zodiac sign!) Let me know if you are a fellow Gemini too! #geminisquad 💜♊

Calendar + Blogging Planner

This month I decided to try out a different ‘monthly calendar’ sorta spread because..I mean why not? I think I prefer this style compared to my previous months ones mainly because it looks very neat and minimalistic.

Also for this month I decided to make the first two pages my ‘calendars’ (which I have really been enjoying) and I think it really organises my month. Also separating my blogging life from my personal life is soooo much easier to manage – because I like to ‘be in the moment’ ya know?

On the blogging calendar, I have just a mini calendar just to plan my posts and then below that I have my blog posts that I want to post (yeah..ella…just be honest your never going to post that much aha) and as always my little tracker! I drew this cute little astronaut in the corner that I found on Pinterest (cos I’m that original aha) and its really pretty.

Snapshot of the Month + Mood Tracker

Next I have included this new little feature my June Bullet Journal and its this Snapshot Diary thing. Basically I can write down things I am grateful for, my bucket list, photos and whatevs. I was inspired by @hamcreates on Instagram and she is one of my favourite bujo artists!

And as always my trusty mood tracker but this month I decided to be EXTRA and draw out all these little space doodles so I can colour one in every day! (or not and just pretend I knew how I felt for the past week 😍😂)

Birthday! 🍓

As you guys may know it was my birthday on the 11th of June and I was so happy because it turned out to be sunny even though it was supposed to be rainy! This is where I wrote my Wishlist down and soon to be photos!

Weekly Spread

And lastly my essential weekly spread! for this one I drew these mini constellations around the place and included a little calendar (mostly for decoration aha)

So that is all for my VERY BELATED June Bullet Journal Setup! I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you got some inspo for your June bullet journal too!

ThankYOU for reading and staying with me and my absence aha! I will be posting more but I am still figuring out stuff and new features for YOU!

We will talk again in my next post buut…if you want to see some more exclusive June Bullet Journal jazz then be sure to follow my Instagram @purely.ella

ok, byeeeeee

ella xx 💗💛

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44 thoughts on “Galaxy June Bujo Setup”

  1. wow, ella! this is so pretty 😍 i really like the more minimalistic approach and the purple is super nice! by the way we loveee your new blog set up ⚡️
    soph xx


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