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Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing

Heyyy! it’s mwaaaa – Ellaaaa!

for today’s post, i have decided to team up with the wonderful raf over at rafstheticallypleasing! she blogs about fashion, beauty and sometimes lifestyle too! she also has a really cool retro vibe to her posts like mine too. 🙂 so if you enjoy my content you will love hers too! ❤ raf has just posted her mini makup routine and i can already sense some glossier products.. 😉 aha

so here we go, lets take a look at some of my fave products that have DEFINITELY helped clear my skin! (and they are all natural too so dont worry about those nasty chemicals – who knows what is in there!)


some products that will be featured include:

+ cleanser

+ face mask

+ face spray :)))

+ moisturisers

+ lip balm

my skin is very oily (yep, all year round) so i basically stick to the same products all year round! thank god 🙂 so if you have oily skin like me then you are in the right place mate! ❤

cleanser : Angels on Bare Skin ~ LUSH


i have only just recently recieved this cleanser and have been using it for a month now and i just love it to bits! 🙂 and, it’s LUSH so what more can i say? defo reccomend trying it out!

+ i use it by pinching a pea sized amount of the product and then i rub it with my finger on my wet hand to form a slight paste – then i slap it on baby!

+ this product leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and matte

facial spray : Rose Water + Aloe Spray ~ Mario Badescu


every bloggers dream aesthetic facial spray…and now i know what the rave is all about! ever since i have used this product my skin is more even toned and there is so much less redness from pesky pimples 😦 if you have never tried a facial spray before, what are you doing?! this is the one you want! (its cheap too!)

+ i use this in the morning and night (about 3 sprays – front, side, side aha)

+ this amazing facial spray leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, moisturised and toned 🙂 ahhhh

face mask : Bunny Moon Jelly Mask ~ LUSH


again, a new purchase that i absoluety just love! first of all, the smell…*dreams* omg its the best smell in the world :))) it is chamomile and something else. 😉 the texture of this mask is different to any other because it is literally jelly! its awesome!

+ i just pinch a bit off and rub it between my two hand to form a paste. then i just apply an even (ish) layer all over my face!

+ this pretty cool jelly mask leaves my skin feeling silky soft, glowy and smelling delish!

hand cream : Winter Wonderhand ~ Zoella Beauty


who can’t live winter without a good hand cream hey? not me. this handcream is a part of Zoella’s 2017 christmas range and never having tried one of her hand creams before, i had to try it! this one is also not sticky and doesn’t leave your hands all gross + icky 🙂

+ i like to use this at night before bed because then i can let it sink it and do it’s magic

+  leaves my hands feeling like soft, not dry and smelling snow fresh (see the pun there?) 😉

lip balm : Tinted Balm ~ Buzz Beauty


ooooh! my new fave lip balm! this one is also by a new aussie brand that i have come across because…

i won a competition on their instagram! a couple of weeks back there was a bath bomb naming competition and my name “Cosmic Crystal” won! this meant i recieved a free ‘Cosmic Crystal’ bath bomb and Ellie (the business owner) gave me some other goodies too! which was so lovely of her ❤

anyway, i used this and instantly fell in love! the tint colour is so pretty and not too BIG if you know what i mean 😉 it smells like choc peppermint cookies and it just…ahhhh!

+ leaves my lips tasting amazing, moisturised and smooth

*post to come soon more about Buzz Beauty ;)*

so those are some products that have made a big difference to my skin and they are all natural and great for oily skin!

hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know if you would like some more skincare/ bath + body posts :))) (bath bombs *wink wink*) 

thanks for sticking around legends,

ella x x

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38 thoughts on “Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing”

  1. ooh loved all the photos in this post! i also use the mario badescu spray, and adore it too <3! thanks for collabing with me x
    p.s. you may see a skincare routine up on my blog soon… ;)!

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      1. Oily skin is a nightmare! However, I’m told that it keeps you looking younger for longer. Can’t be be bad! Would you mind taking a look at my blog. Im only new and would appreciate any tips. Thank you

        Liked by 1 person

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