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Buzz Beauty : australian + handmade bath products

Heyyyy! its mwaaaa – Ellaaaa!

welcome back retro mates! today, i will be showing you some pretty damn amazing cruelty free and handmade bath and body products made down under! so, if you are a bath bomb lover, keep reading because you have just found your new favourite store!


ok, i loooovee bath bombs (i mean, what’s a purely ella blog without them?) just hopping into a galaxy of foam just satisfies me so much and i can just stop and think. But having to buy $8 LUSH bath bombs ain’t good for my money jar 😦 aha.

and that’s why i loveeeee Buzz Beauty – because they have such great quality products for a great price! funnily enough, i got to work with Buzz Beauty because i won a “name the bath bomb” giveaway! (yes – again!) I never imagined being able to feature her – Ellie’s – products on my blog! :))) but here i am!


take a few minutes to take a look at her super professional website and scroll through her wide variety of products she offers from bath bombs + bubble bars to skincare and soaps! they are at such a great price too so you can definitely afford them being around $5 for a bomb 🙂

lets get on to all the pics and good stuff! Ellie kindly gave me some little extras for me to try and i seriously love them all! p.s. stay til the end for a little treat!



COSMIC CRYSTAL  ~  bath bomb

this is the amazing bath bomb that i named! introducing the ‘Cosmic Crystal’ bath bomb! I just love the look of this bath bomb – the gold mica streaks drizzled over the top, the aesthetic galaxy colours and especially the SCENT. this is the point right now where i wish you could smell through the screen! 😉 I can’t wait to use this bomb and when i do i will be sure to show you all the pretty pictures over on @purely.ella

+ smells like lemon lime bitters with a bit of autumn spice 🙂



LEMONGRASS + LIME  ~ artisan soap

this soap is super luxurious and it bubbles up very nicely in the shower! its also silky smooth with a milky + creamy texture. it is also super aesthetic with the mica lines separating the ombre shades of grey + cream.

+ smells like homemade lemonade on a hot summers day 🙂



MINT TINTED  ~  lip balm

i’ve talked about this amazing lip balm before in my natural and clearing skincare favourites post. its just super moisturising, really nice and smooth and it adds a little nice tint of rose pink – but not too much 🙂 (which i absoloutely loveeeee)

+ smells like mint choc cookies and hot chocolate (its literally the best smell everrrr!



TICKLE ME TEAL  ~  bubble bar

this bubble bar smells so delish – like a limey + pepperminty smell but it is just divine! i’m not sure which one it is but i linked a very similar one for you to check out! in this picture i used about an 1/8th of the half bar and it made so many bubbles! the colour of this bath was also super pretty – it reminded me of the beach at Noosa, QLD.

smells like : fresh lime + peppermint 


so there you have it! a sneak peak of Buzz Beauty’s + Ellie’s amazing quality products. I truly love her business and i love how great they are for you and the environment. I know that there is nothing bad going down the drain. 😉

+ also big thanks to Ellie who sent these lovely products to me! i love them girl 🙂


+ you can use my 15% discount code : ELLA15 at the checkout to save a little! why not treat yourself? you deserve it! 🙂

happy shopping!

i hope you enjoyed reading this post and thanks so much for having a read! feel free to read some more posts from me and leave a little love ❤

see you next Sunday! :)))

peace out,

ella x x

A.K.A retro queen 👑

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