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September Bujo Setup : spring carnival

heyyyy! it’s mwaaaa – Ellaaaa!

welcome back legends! today, i have once again my monthly bullet journal setup!

for this month’s theme, i have decided to go back to my colourful and happy style rather than a more greens + brown nature style that i experimented with in my august bujo. 🙂 its just more me and when i open my positive journal i feel satisfied! :)))

lets get straight into the real stuff! 👑✨

INTRO PAGE : calendar, goals, blog posts + wishlist


i have wanted to incorporate lots of layering and more scrapbookinginto my journal because i think it really helps capture memories of your month and it looks super pretty too 😉

+ colour coded events calendar

i love having a colour coded calender in my bujo because i can have an overview of my month and i can see exactly what type of event it is.

red: going out

pink: important date

peach: jobs + public holiday

+ moon cycle 

i thought this was a really cool idea that jordan clarke inspired me to try. i think space is so cool and…..BIG. i just love everything from the stars to the moon 🙂

+ goals 

i have thought up some new goals for this month based more around my life and how i can live my life to the fullest for september. here are a few:

~ get outside more 🌞

~ go a week without social media 📱

~ do more crafts : bracelets, sewing, macrame, sort photos etc 🔮

~ write to all pen pals 💌

+ blog post planner

blog post planner is an essential to my bujo because then i can plan what posts are upcoming and what dates they are being published!

+ wishlist for my wants 😉

ahhh there is so many things that i want but i must restrain myself! 😉 🤑 i like to keep a wishlist in my bujo so then i dont forget important things – because we all know how great my memory is! aha

THOUGHTS PAGE: gratitude, ideas, photo wall


this next page is all of my main ‘thoughts’ and ‘plans’. i like organinsing my thoughtsso that everything is all nice and neat and i can prioritise what needs to be done. 

+ gratitude

another solid essential in my bujo – my gratitude page! appreciating what you are thankful for is so important and it also adds that extra bit of positivity into my journal. 🙂

+ thoughts, ideas + plans

this is where the main scribbles happen! any creative thought i get i quickly write into this section and i can then go through it and pick out my faves ❤

+ photo wall : project of the month

every month, i like to include a little project that i want to complete. last month was starting to pen pal and i did some research about it all and some ideas if i get stuck on writing. 🙂 *you can have a look at it over on my instagram*

so this month, i have decided to create my very own photo wall with lots of retro pics of me, friends + whatevs! i have to decide on what theme /colour palette i am going for so if you have any ideas drop them in the comments below! 

here is some of my inspo from pinterest!

PINTEREST BOARD:room organisation

JOURNAL PAGE: memories ❤


this is my favourite page of my whole bullet journal! i love that i can just write whatever on this page and it instantly becomes perfect. :)))) i can include:

  • to do lists
  • journal entries 
  • photos
  • exciting news
  • things to remember! 


so there was a little look into this month’s september bullet journal setup! i am so happy with how it has turned out and i can’t wait to see the completed look at the end of this month! 🌸

i will be showing you many more updates of my bujo over on my instagram and also things like my photo wall + pen palling! 

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and if you did feel free to have a look at some of my past monthly setups! 

see you next sunday! peace out,

Ella (A.K.A retro queen) x x

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