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October Bujo Setup : touch o’ halloween

heyyyyy! it’s mwaaaa – ellaaaa!

welcome back my retro legends! you all know what it is – another LEGENDARY monthly bullet journal setup!

this month im sure you are all super excited because it is halloween! yep, pumpkins, witches, bats, ghosts, spookyness  – its pretty damn awesome 🙂 👻 🎃

so of course i had to add a little touch of halloween to my setup but i still wanted to keep it “normal”.

today’s post is also a collab which i havent done for soooo long with my lovely Elina from Just So Elina! she blogs about healthy lifestyle, wellness, bullet journalling also 🙂 + a bit of fashion too! love that gal 🙂 she is also posting her October Bujo Spread! 

enough blabbering from me, lets goooo! 😇

INTRO PAGE : calendar, goals, faves, blog posts + wishlist


again, similar to my september bujo setup i have continued to layer + collage my images and old tinted ripped pages execpt i have decided to ‘experiment’ a bit more with the layout.

the colours of the theme this month include some more ‘out there combinations’ :

mustard orange

whale blue  

pastel pink 

deep red

colour coded calendar

i find these really helpful to quickly see what type of events you have coming up – friends, going out, deadlines etc.

important of the month

this is just for some important things that i need to get done by the end of the month! school is nearly ending and lots is happening :((( *ahhh im loving the holidays*

HELLO OCTOBER entry (to write lol)

i wanted to make my bujo even more personal because thats what i love about bullet journalling – to record your thoughts and experiences! ❤


gotta love my goals! they really help me focus on what is important and help me set out my month!

+ wishlist 

well…you gotta treat yourself sometimes right? :)))

+ blog posts 

cant forget this one! its just nice to brainstorm some post ideas and get my mind thinking about what is quality content!

favourites of the month

a new addition to this spread! i really love this because it captures your month in a couple of words!



this month i really wanted to focus on all the positive things happening in my life – especially my much needed holidays!

+ gratitude

always a staple in my bujo spreads these past months  and i love the idea of appreciating how lucky you are and really cherishing that! its also fun to write a little everyday!

+ positivity corner

i came up with this ideas just randomly in the moment! i was like – ” you know what? why not keep a little section to write down all the great things that are happenign in my life right now?”

i think it will be great for reminding me how lucky i am to live in australia and have such a nice family on those days when i dont feel so great 🙂



at school i have had sewing as a subject and i absolutely love it! the idea of making your own clothes fascinates me as these days we can just pick up a shirt for $10 and buy it. but its not the same as wearing something you’ve personalised and created yourself! 

so far, i have made some EPIC (and i mean AWESOME) scrunchies! *you can have a look over on my instaIf you would like a post on how to make your own scrunchies comment below!

and my friend and i are planning to make our very own paper bag pants for spring! i chose a pretty pastel yellow! (you cant see that and neither can i lol)



and of course my to-do list/journal page for all my jobs and endless ideas! these really help set out each day well withot being too MASSIVE across the page!

SPREADS TO ADD: shown exclusively on @purely.ella

halloween movies/to-do 

+ journal memories page

halloween pictures (my friend and i are going as GHOSTBSTERS!) #strangerthingsvibesssss


so that was the very beginning of my october bullet journal spread! i hope you liked it and let me know what you think of the colours and theme!

get ready for some exciting new things happening here on my blog + instagram – including some highly requested bujo posts, pen palling jazz and more of the 80s *whooo*!

i hope you enjoyed avery belated BUJO setup and if you did feel free to have a lil’ look at some of my other style spreads!

see you next sunday! peace out ✌🏼

ella (A.K.A retro queen) x x

September Bujo | Instagram Fam | 80’s Retro Playlist 



50 thoughts on “October Bujo Setup : touch o’ halloween”

  1. Your spread for this month is stunning! Got so many new ideas on things I want to incorporate in my Bujo for next month ☺️ Loved getting to collab with you :)) xx
    – Elina aka JustSoElina

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ooo, beautifully done, Ella! love the colours for this month 🌟👌🏽 sewing! how exciting! would love to see a few pictures of those awesome sounding scrunches 🤩
    soph xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m late to the party, sorry! But this spread looks amazing, I think it’s my favourite of all those I have seen so far, I love the colours and the whole thing is absolutely gorgeous!
    I love sewing and it would be great to see your tutorial on how to make scrunchies! Good luck with those pants! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your bullet journal is absolutely gorgeous – I am so jealous! I am not artistic at all, I am more of an organisational person so I am jealous of anyone that can make organisation look pretty, like yourself. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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