get into xmas spirit with me and carly : day 1

heyyy! its mwaaaa - ellaaaaa! whoooo first day of blogmas! (well a week for me) tbh dunno how i will go but im gonna try for you all! 🙂 🎄 today's post is a collab with my absolute fave @lovecarlyallison over on her blog Carly Allison! carly posts about lifestyle, beauty and fashion and literally… Continue reading get into xmas spirit with me and carly : day 1

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summer haul : mustards, denim and stripes

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - ellaaaaa! ☆ todayyyy I have a big summer haul for you all because I definitely needed some new summer items so freshen up my closet! This year, I have chosen many yellows/mustards (of course), lots of 80s + 90s denim as well as some new bathers too! 🙂 ☆ today's post… Continue reading summer haul : mustards, denim and stripes

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December Bujo : sweet christmas

☾ today, i have my December Bullet Journal Setup for you all (nice and early this time too!) and for this month's theme, i have decided to go for a sweet gingerbread/festive theme because i love including peach + pink into my bujo!

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what’s inside my pen pal letter ~ PPWM

heyyyyy! its mwaaa - ellaaaa! today, i am going to be showing you all the contents of one of my pen pal letters! (full of many surprises and gifts) i've been pen palling for...since september now and i can say that its so so awesome and fun! whenever i recieve something in the post it… Continue reading what’s inside my pen pal letter ~ PPWM

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November Bujo Setup : pastel dreams

Heyyyy! It's mwaaa - Ellaaaa! ✭ how have you all been? I feel like I haven't blogged for a while (probs cos its true). 🙂 but homework and school is super busy because it's nearly the end of the year! *woooo* im so excited for Christmas, New Years and our holiday in January! it's gonna… Continue reading November Bujo Setup : pastel dreams

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GRWM : festival event

heyyyy! it's mwaaa ellaaaaa! today, i have just a little quick an fun post for you all - cos i am DROWNING in my homework :((( *send help* every year, we have a little festival/show in Adelaide and this year i went with some friends! i normally dont go because it is quite expensiie but… Continue reading GRWM : festival event

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Essential Bullet Journal Supplies : for beginners

Heyyyy! It's mwaaa - Ellaaaaa! Welcome back my retro legends! Ah, it feels good to be back! but i'm better than ever with a post you have all been waiting for! Today, I am finally posting my much demanded "Essential Bullet Journal Supplies" with you all - because I know you have been waiting for it for… Continue reading Essential Bullet Journal Supplies : for beginners

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October Bujo Setup : touch o’ halloween

heyyyyy! it's mwaaaa - ellaaaa! welcome back my retro legends! you all know what it is - another LEGENDARY monthly bullet journal setup! this month im sure you are all super excited because it is halloween! yep, pumpkins, witches, bats, ghosts, spookyness  - its pretty damn awesome 🙂 👻 🎃 so of course i had to… Continue reading October Bujo Setup : touch o’ halloween

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ultimate 80’s playlist + mood board

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - ellaaaa! welcome back to the land of everything retro! 🙂 today, i finally have my ULTIMATE 80S PLAYLIST that just about everyone is dying to know! (because I'm obviously an 80s expert) so, here it is - some of my top 'classic' + 'must-have' 80s songs! the 80s music is what got… Continue reading ultimate 80’s playlist + mood board

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September Bujo Setup : spring carnival

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! welcome back legends! today, i have once again my monthly bullet journal setup! for this month's theme, i have decided to go back to my colourful and happy style rather than a more greens + brown nature style that i experimented with in my august bujo. 🙂 its just more… Continue reading September Bujo Setup : spring carnival

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Spring Trends : essentials + styling tips

Heyyyy! It's mwaaaaa - Ellaaaa! welcome back my wicked mates! today, it is currently just spring in Australia now so the warmer weather is finally coming for us! *whooo* I think it's time for a change 😉 🌻🌞 today's blog post is a very exciting one because I am going to be sharing some funky… Continue reading Spring Trends : essentials + styling tips

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Buzz Beauty : australian + handmade bath products

Heyyyy! its mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! welcome back retro mates! today, i will be showing you some pretty damn amazing cruelty free and handmade bath and body products made down under! so, if you are a bath bomb lover, keep reading because you have just found your new favourite store! ok, i loooovee bath bombs (i… Continue reading Buzz Beauty : australian + handmade bath products

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OOTD : retro winter + layers ~ collab

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! welcome back to the retro corner of the world wide web muchachas! today i just have a little post for you all as i'm quite busy this weekend (ya know, livin' life) but i still want to give you your little dose of retro-ness. :))) today's post is also a… Continue reading OOTD : retro winter + layers ~ collab

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August Bujo Setup : greens + browns

Heyyy! It's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! For today's blog post, i finally have my August Bullet Journal Setup! you guys love seeing my bullet journal and i love sharing it with you! my theme for this month is : nature, greens + browns + dark blues the style is also similar to my July Bullet Journal… Continue reading August Bujo Setup : greens + browns

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A little something for you ;)

Heyyyy! It's mwaaa - Ellaaaa! Today is a very exciting day because a couple of days ago, we hit 600 followers! *whooooo* i know it may not seem like much but it is to me and honestly, i am just doing blogging for the fun of it - because this is what I love doing!… Continue reading A little something for you 😉

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15th Birthday ‘Haul’

heyyyy! it's mwaaa - ellaaaa! even thought it was my 15th birthday quite a long time ago now...(we shall not mention the date aha) 🙂 i still thought i would show you what my friends and family have given me! update: life's been pretty busy here in Australia! I've just been focusing on living my… Continue reading 15th Birthday ‘Haul’

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Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing

Heyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! for today's post, i have decided to team up with the wonderful raf over at rafstheticallypleasing! she blogs about fashion, beauty and sometimes lifestyle too! she also has a really cool retro vibe to her posts like mine too. 🙂 so if you enjoy my content you will love hers too!… Continue reading Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing

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July Goals: living your best life

Heyyyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! i've been wanting to introduce some more 'healthy + happy lifestyle' jazz posts to my blog because i think it's so important to have a good life - cos you only got one am i right? so, today i thought i would do some good ol' inspiring and share with… Continue reading July Goals: living your best life

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July Bullet Journal : A New Style

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! today i have for you another amazing bullet journal setup that I know you will just absolutely love! it is a VERY (actually COMPLETELY) new style of bullet journalling I have gone for and so far I am loving it! i was inspired by the amazing and super aesthetic @hamcreates and… Continue reading July Bullet Journal : A New Style


I Get Chu : Ask Ella #1 ~ friendships, blogging + more

Today I will finally be answering your questions about tricky friendships, blogging tips, how to be organised and loads more! If you would like to be featured in the next post, flick me a question and I will be sure to answer them next time! Enjoy! 🙂

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Galaxy June Bujo Setup

Heyyyy! It's mwaaa - Ellaaaa! 💛💓 Today I am finally doing my June Bullet Journal Setup! I've just been SUPER BUSY setting up my new self-hosted site (80's style!). At one point all of you guys were transferred back to my old website but that's all sorted now aha 😉 For this month's theme I decided to go with… Continue reading Galaxy June Bujo Setup


Life Update : Super Busy

Heyyy! It's mwaaaa - Ellaaaaa! Welcome to my new fabulous self-hosted website! 💖​😇 I have been working on it for over a week now - setting it up, paying for my domain and fixing all the little troubles I've had with it! But I am getting somewhere and I am just finishing the final touches! I… Continue reading Life Update : Super Busy


Day in The Life of Me – Market, OOTD Photoshoot + Tips

Heyyyy! It's mwaaaa - Ellaaaaa! Welcome Home My Jedi Younglings! 💫Today I am going to be doing a nice chill and relaxed post for you guys so you can get an idea of what my life is like living in Australia and some things that I get up to! In this particular day, my Mum… Continue reading Day in The Life of Me – Market, OOTD Photoshoot + Tips

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Retro Autumn Lookbook

Heyyyy! It’s mwaaaa - Ellaaaaa! Welcome back legends! 💫 ... So today's post is an awesome collab with Clover and Sage over at 'The Coastal Twins'! These guys are honestly one of my favourite bloggers and they post some really cute things so you should definitely give them all ya love 💕 *spreads the love* *hugs* They are also posting a lookbook so if you are a fashion lover, here are some great outfits for YOU!

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Autumn Denim Try-On Haul

Heyyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeee! Welcome back 80's lovers! 📺✨ 📻Today I have a WICKED haul post planned for you and it involves LOTSA denim and LOTSA yellow! You guys know that I am constantly raving about how much I love the 80's and how we all need to #bringbackthe80s and basically this is my… Continue reading Autumn Denim Try-On Haul

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April Bujo Setup

Heyyyy! It's meeee - Ellieeeee! Long time no blog my Jedi Younglings! 💫 But now that it's the holidays...I can blog a whole tonne! 💪🏼 and honestly, I'm so pumped and I also have some big projects (like a new blog makeover!!!) that will be popping up across Insta and this blog too! Also ThankYOU… Continue reading April Bujo Setup

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How to have your Best April

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeeee! Welcome back my Jedi younglings! *swooshes lightsaber* Today, I am going to be sharing some ideas of how YOU can make this month the BEST month (so far)! I was originally going to share with you my goals for April, but I wanted to spice it up a lil' bit!… Continue reading How to have your Best April

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80’s Autumn Wishlist

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeee! HAPPY EASTER MATE! 🐣🌸🇦🇺So today is EASTER SATURDAY which I am souper 🍜 pumped about because that means Easter is OFFICIALLY tomorrow! But I know that us Aussies (yeahhh! Whoooo #aussiegang) are a day ahead of most of you so you are probs sleeping as we are hunting for chocolate… Continue reading 80’s Autumn Wishlist