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ultimate 80’s playlist + mood board

heyyyy! it's mwaaaa - ellaaaa! welcome back to the land of everything retro! πŸ™‚ today, i finally have my ULTIMATE 80S PLAYLIST that just about everyone is dying to know! (because I'm obviously an 80s expert) so, here it is - some of my top 'classic' + 'must-have' 80s songs!Β the 80s music is what got… Continue reading ultimate 80’s playlist + mood board

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Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing

Heyyy! it's mwaaaa - Ellaaaa! for today's post, i have decided to team up with the wonderful raf over at rafstheticallypleasing!Β she blogs about fashion, beauty and sometimes lifestyle too! she also has a really cool retro vibe to her posts like mine too. πŸ™‚ so if you enjoy my content you will love hers too!… Continue reading Skincare Routine : natural + skin clearing

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80’s Autumn Wishlist

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeee! HAPPY EASTER MATE! πŸ£πŸŒΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊSo today is EASTER SATURDAY which I am souper 🍜 pumped about because that means Easter is OFFICIALLY tomorrow! But I know that us Aussies (yeahhh! Whoooo #aussiegang) are a day ahead of most of you so you are probs sleeping as we are hunting for chocolate… Continue reading 80’s Autumn Wishlist

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What I Got For Christmas 2018

Heyyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeee! Welcome back my Christmas Puddings Post Christmas Buddys! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU 280 PEOPLE! I can't believe that this year I have achieved almost 300 amazing followers! πŸ˜‰ (Oh no, here I go again) I am so very sorry i didnt do a Merry Christmas Post… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2018

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September Shopping Haul! πŸŒΈ

Heyyyyyyyy! It's meeeeeee - Ellieeeeee!  I'm back! (Even though i've been away for not even a week it feels like a long time!) How are you all? That's good. 😊  *assumes that you said good* Anyway, summer is right around the corner here in the island of Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί and as a growing child I… Continue reading September Shopping Haul! πŸŒΈ

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Shower Products you Need Right Now!Β 

Who doesn't absolutely love bath and body products?! I know I do! I mean, what's not to love? Shower and baths are always the thing that I look forward to at the end of a busy week and what better to do it with these awesome products?

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Winter Lookbook 2017 β„️⛄️

Heyyyyy! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeee! Welcome back to another blog post! Now, I know you guys all really wanted to see another Lookbook so I made this one with all my favourite outfits for winter. I hope you all enjoy and find an outfit that you may want to recreate! If you do, I would… Continue reading Winter Lookbook 2017 β„️⛄️