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how to start pen palling : finding pals, what to write + more ☆

heyyyy! its mwaaa - ellaaaa! welcome back to the 1980s mate! 🌼  (not exactly but it sure feels like it over here aha)  but today's post is hopefully going to be a very helpful one for you all as i know many of you really wanna start pen palling or want to know what its… Continue reading how to start pen palling : finding pals, what to write + more ☆

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how to have the best 2019 + my resolutions ☆

heyyyy its mwaaa - ellaaaaa! ✮ todays post is gonna be a fun little new year inspo post to make 2019 your best year yet! i know that i am so pumped for 2019 and i just have a great feeling about it! so hopefully this post will help you feel more confident about this… Continue reading how to have the best 2019 + my resolutions ☆

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get into xmas spirit with me and carly : day 1

heyyy! its mwaaaa - ellaaaaa! whoooo first day of blogmas! (well a week for me) tbh dunno how i will go but im gonna try for you all! 🙂 🎄 today's post is a collab with my absolute fave @lovecarlyallison over on her blog Carly Allison! carly posts about lifestyle, beauty and fashion and literally… Continue reading get into xmas spirit with me and carly : day 1

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what’s inside my pen pal letter ~ PPWM

heyyyyy! its mwaaa - ellaaaa! today, i am going to be showing you all the contents of one of my pen pal letters! (full of many surprises and gifts) i've been pen palling for...since september now and i can say that its so so awesome and fun! whenever i recieve something in the post it… Continue reading what’s inside my pen pal letter ~ PPWM

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GRWM : festival event

heyyyy! it's mwaaa ellaaaaa! today, i have just a little quick an fun post for you all - cos i am DROWNING in my homework :((( *send help* every year, we have a little festival/show in Adelaide and this year i went with some friends! i normally dont go because it is quite expensiie but… Continue reading GRWM : festival event


Day in The Life of Me – Market, OOTD Photoshoot + Tips

Heyyyy! It's mwaaaa - Ellaaaaa! Welcome Home My Jedi Younglings! 💫Today I am going to be doing a nice chill and relaxed post for you guys so you can get an idea of what my life is like living in Australia and some things that I get up to! In this particular day, my Mum… Continue reading Day in The Life of Me – Market, OOTD Photoshoot + Tips

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Beach Aesthetic Photography

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeee! Welcome back to my blog Jedi younglings! It feels like a looong time since I actually blogged on here but honestly I've been souper 🍜 busy with school, volleyball and also being more active on my instagram! I just recently reached 300 followers on Instagram and 350 over here on… Continue reading Beach Aesthetic Photography

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Holiday Journal | Tropical Holiday Series

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeee! Welcome back my fellow bloggers, friends and family 💞 (I mean, you are all part of the fam here!) Today, as promised and talked about on several occasions, I have for you my: Tropical Holiday Journal!Last year, we went on holiday to my favourite places in Queensland - Noosa and Gold… Continue reading Holiday Journal | Tropical Holiday Series

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Summer Morning Routine

Heyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeee! How ya doin' down under mate? Yes, living in Australia 🇦🇺 means that it's summer! Whoooo! 🍍 That means that while all of you Americans, English and everyone in between is rugged up and cold inside, I am at the beach spending every 35 degrees (C) day in shorts and t-shirts! Mind.… Continue reading Summer Morning Routine


Walk-Through of 2017

Heyyy! It’s meeee - Ellieeee! Welcome back mi amigos! This is my first blog post of 2018! Whooo *crowd cheers* 🎉 Today I wanted to reflect back on 2017 to see what a great year I had. I made some awesome new friends, settled into highschool well and I achieved all of my resolutions from… Continue reading Walk-Through of 2017


Cut! That’s a Wrap! – November

Heyyyyy! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeee! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LIL' CHRISTMAS ELVES! 🎄 I know it's not Christmas just yet but people can still say Merry Christmas even though there is still like 24 days til' Christmas. 😂 Today, I have - like every other first of the month posts - a NOVEMBER Wrap Up! What???… Continue reading Cut! That’s a Wrap! – November

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What’s In My Travel Bag |Tropical Holiday Series 

Heyyyyyy! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeeee! Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe that my holiday is already over 😭 *holds back tears* But HEY, I can blog again!!! Yayyayayayayayay! I have missed blogging so much but it was good to have some time off if ya know what I'm sayin' (pretty sure you do) Today, I… Continue reading What’s In My Travel Bag |Tropical Holiday Series 

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Seasonal Garden Cafe

Hey! It's meeeeeee, Ellieeeeeee!  Welcome back again to my blog! I have been wanting to post this for a while now because it was a really good place to eat and it was perfect for an autumn day out! So I wanted to share this knowledge with you and basically just tell you how amazing… Continue reading Seasonal Garden Cafe

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Country Beach Holiday – Day 2 

Heyyyy! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeeee!  Welcome back to another holiday blog post! This is day 2 of my holiday in Victor and if you would like to, check out my previous post about day 1 here! Thanks! we go! ENJOY!  So to start off with, we headed out to the main town early and… Continue reading Country Beach Holiday – Day 2 

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Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

Hi guys! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeee!  Sorry about my quietness lately, I pave just got back into school Term 2 and I have just been stampeded by homework and assignments so...yaaaa! I've been under the pump!  Luckily, just by chance, my family and I have decided to go on a holiday! Yay! We have been… Continue reading Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

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Beach Sunset Dreams Photography 🌅🏖

Hey guys!!! It's meeee - ELLIE! Welcome back to my bloggie where there is a little bit of everything, for everyone. Hehe! Today, I wanted to share with you all some photos I took at the beach recently. I did say that I would post Tuesday but I have decided to change my days. I… Continue reading Beach Sunset Dreams Photography 🌅🏖

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A Day at Glenelg

Hey guys!  I just got back from my holiday in Clare Valley yesterday. We had 6 nights of fun filled with face painting, swimming, bouncy pillows and travelling around. Even though I miss Clare so much, I am glad to be back blogging and just being homeee. 🙂 Ahhhh relaxing.  Anyway, today I am going… Continue reading A Day at Glenelg


Hamilton Island – Day 1 

Hello everyone! It's good to be back! If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, just let me tell you a little bit about my holiday... So I've recently been to Hamilton Island for 9 days with my family and I really wanted to share my holiday with you guys so I… Continue reading Hamilton Island – Day 1