Purely Ella : the retro aesthetic blog!

hey maaaate!  ✨

i’m ella, a fifteen year old organising wizard, livin’ like its 1983 in the beautiful australia! and no, we don’t ride kangaroos to school – i prefer the koala. 😉

✩ i am a lover of all things retro (in case you hadn’t already gathered)  especially 1980s stuff :)))) ah, just everything about the 80s is so great – the music (michael jackson where do i start?!), those epic arcade machines, the fashion, the funky decor! AH! someone take me back!

✩ i also LOVE to organise – its what i do 🙂  i am always trying to keep up with my bullet journal and showing you guys how you can start one too!

✩ and i am always styling up my outfit 80s/90s style. you won’t see me anywhere without my good ol’ two-tone denim and yellow stripes. its seriosuly a vibe 🙂 people call me “the retro style queen” (no they dont)

feel free to have a little browse on my blog and my instagram to see what all the retro fuss is about – and trust me, its pretty damn cool! 😎

see you in the 80s,

ella x x

– the retro queen 😉